Helgrid Randolph

Helgrid Randolph

About Helgrid

Helgrid loves clairvoyance because it has changed her life. 

Helgrid’s journey as a healer began with her allopathic (Western) medicine studies, at the University of Vienna, Austria at the age of 19.

17 years later she ventured into Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy and had a practice for about 10 years. As she progressed her healing path, she discovered that a very powerful way for people to heal and transform is through energy medicine. 

Helgrid has always been interested in the deeper understanding of the human existence, which started with the wish to better understand herself. Along the way she met beautiful teachers of various lineages. 

After having experienced the benefits of clairvoyant practices for herself, she decided to study this healing path. A graduate of the Inner Connection Institute, Helgrid has chosen to transition from her Ayurveda practice to the path of energy work through clairvoyant readings and healings. 

Having benefited from the fruits of this path in profoundly transformative ways, she is dedicated to using these skills to help others create a life they truly want to live.

Helgrid deeply believes that lives can be changed, the world can be seen differently, and a happy and fulfilled life can be manifested when using this energetic work of clairvoyant reading and healing. 

Helgrid is an ordained minister of the Church of Infinite Spirit in Denver, Colorado.

“There is no one way to live your life.

There is only the step-by-step adventure with no knowable distant plan.

When one is saying ‘yes’, 
it does not matter upon what the foot rests at a step’s completion.

Wherever it is, it will be the perfect place to say ‘yes’ again.”

-Emmanuel’s Book III

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“Working with Helgrid has been such a blessing for me.  She’s a talented reader, and she brings so many gifts to her clients.  I appreciate her honesty and gentleness which makes working with her such a pleasure.  I would recommend Helgrid to anybody looking for loving, helpful insight.”  

Michelle Schneider

“I recently went through a health crisis.  Helgrid was available to support the release of the ‘inside story’ of my experience.  Disease is a communicator of the Spirit.  Helgrid’s help in drawing awareness to deeply ingrained past experiences supported my healing process. Thank you.”


“I had no idea what to expect from my energy healing session with Helgrid, and I was amazed by her intuitive ability to identify areas where my energy was blocked. After my session with her, I felt lighter, I was able to communicate better, and had more clarity and focus.

She is a gifted and gentle healer, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking clarity or help letting go of old patterns and beliefs as well as stored trauma and tension in the body.” 

Alana Foeller

“Helgrid Randolph is an incredibly gifted healer and seer. I have been getting clairvoyant readings from Helgrid for the last four years. Her readings have been very helpful in my life, her energy healing work has proven to leave me more at ease, clear, and ready to engage more fully with life.”

Matthew M.

“I’ve had the fortune of 5+ sessions with Helgrid since the beginning of 2022. I’m surprised even after multiple sessions how she sees what she sees over the phone. We have never met in person and she’s never even seen a picture of me and she knows and communicates thoughts and messages of healing and support that amaze my body, mind & spirit. “


Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

-Paulo Coelho

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